Afrika Haus Berlin - Bochumer Str. 25 - 10555 Berlin (Moabit) - U-Bahn Turmstraße

The Kilinba Orchestra

27.04.2013 20:00 Uhr - 21:30 Uhr

Afrika Haus BerlinA fusion of Sénégambian and European musicians, The Kilinba Orchestra presents original compositions in traditional and modern African styles, including afro-reggae, salsa, soul and sukus. Lyrics are in French, Mandingo and Wolof, and treat themes such as peace, unity, justice, education, nature, and love.

Kilinba is: Samba Bory – vocals
Diebate Ibrahim – kora
Niko Morrison – guitar
Dady Dem – bass guitar
Moses Eder – drums/percussion
Moustapha – percussion/keyboards
Amadou Diatta– percussion
Giovanna Saccullo – flute/vocals
Iting Ley – violin/keyboard
Astou – dance
Kap – Band Manager
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